Why Hire a Professional Editor ?

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It's simple: you want your work to be the best it can be.

While writing a long-term, solitary project, it's easy to lose perspective. You may let self-criticism inhibit you or overlook bad habits that have crept into your writing.

Successful writers – those with outstanding resumes, great reviews and enviable sales figures – know that constructive, supportive editing is key to their success. Read the acknowledgements in your favorite books, and you'll find authors extending their heartfelt thanks to editors and trusted readers.

A professional editor will:

• Highlight your strengths and help you capitalize on them.
• Pinpoint your weaknesses and offer suggestions to fix them.
• Provide a clear and consistent analytical voice.
• Evaluate your manuscript for clarity.
• Take you deeper into your material, asking you to examine your creative goals from all sides.
• Make the process a learning experience so that your own editing skills will be improved.
• Help you tell your story in a way that it is enticing to acquisitions editors or film executives.

Once you land a literary agent and sell your book or script, you'll be edited again. If you've already worked with a profsssional editor, you'll be able to handle the process with skill and professionalism.

Today, having an experienced, professional editor on your team BEFORE you enter the marketplace is crucial. Working with a collaborator you trust, someone who is sympathetic to your creative aims, honest enough to tell you when you've veered off track and skillful enough to guide you back on course, can give your work the edge it needs to succeed.


How to Get Started with Editing Services


Choose the editing service that is right for your project. If you are unsure which service or level of editing you need, please e-mail me with any questions you have and a brief description of your project. david@novelandscriptediting.com

Once you have decided on a service, click the Add to Cart button. I accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and PayPal. You may also pay by check.

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