Overall Content Editing

Often referred to as developmental editing, this service digs deep into your manuscript, addressing the big picture aspects of creative writing that must flow smoothly and dramatically for your novel to reach its full potential.

This is the most comprehensive of the book editing services I offer. I will review your entire manuscript, focusing on structure, plot, character, narrative voice, dialogue, pacing, style, subplots and resolution. I will determine which areas are working and which need improvement. I'll provide you with a comprehensive, 15-20 page analysis that offers specific suggestions on how to advance your project to the next level.

$2,000 for novels up to 75,000 words (300 double spaced pages)

$3,000 for novels 75,000 – 100,000 words. (300-400 double spaced pages) Longer manuscripts will be billed an additional $3.75 per page.

Requires a $200 initial payment.

REDUCED RATES for partial manuscripts.


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Targeted Editing

Is there a particular aspect of your novel you would like to improve? Do you have any character development questions? Concerned about plot, pacing or dialogue? Have early readers of your work said any of the following?

--The opening didn't grab me
--The characters aren't relatable
--The dialogue didn't flow
--The plot was confusing
--The ending wasn't satisfying

Targeted editing zooms in on specific issues that you feel need attention and offers explicit recommendations on how to improve them. This is the most focused of my book editing services.

Price: $50/hr




Book Proposal Editing

Often literary agents or publishers will ask to see a proposal. Usually, this consists of sample chapters that showcase your writing skills and style, plus an outline that proves you can deliver a compelling story over the run of a novel.

Once you have a draft of your proposal ready, I will critique your sample chapters and your outline -- from that crucial first sentence that hooks the reader, to a cliffhanger ending that will make the agent or publisher want to see more.

Price: $300 (includes critique of synopsis and three sample chapters)




Telephone Conference

As a supplement to a written critique, I offer telephone or Skype brainstorming sessions. These one on one creative "meetings" mirror the give and take collaboration that takes place in the writers room of a television series, where everything is on the table and fresh viewpoints are encouraged. Many of my clients use the occasional phone conference to hash out multiple ideas in a short span of time or to work through a specific story problem. Book editing services by phone can be a fun yet productive break from writing and revising.

Phone conference

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Adapting Novel to Script

Are you turning your novel into a screenplay? Adapting your own work is a unique, often daunting challenge; I know, I've done it. Unlike the wide open spaces of a novel, a screenplay is a fast-paced, 120 page blueprint that adheres to strict storytelling and formatting guidelines.

To ensure that your creative vision makes a successful transition to the screen, I'll review your novel BEFORE you begin your script's first draft. I'll prepare a written report that walks you through the process of adapting your story for a screenplay. I'll help you decide which scenes are crucial to telling your story cinematically. I'll identify which characters should stay and which could be cut. I'll help you externalize internal conflicts. Writing dialogue for film requires clarity and brevity; I'll offer techniques to turn talky scenes into crisp mini-dramas that get to the point. Together, we'll trim the fat from your story and leave the meat.

Price: $750
(Includes an initial reading of your novel and written report)

Before you begin your adaptation, I recommend that you read as many scripts as possible. Familiarize yourself with the screenplay format, style and pacing. Here are four websites that offer a variety of scripts you can read online:

Simply Scripts
Drew's Script-o-rama
Daily Script

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Screenplay Notes

Today's film and TV executives are harried and overwhelmed, with ever-shrinking attention spans. Yet they're all desperate to find a well-written screenplay that grabs their attention and holds it.

My script notes are designed to make your screenplay as marketable as possible. I focus on story structure, character, dialogue, plot, transitions and denouement. I will help you to extract maximum drama and emotional impact from every scene. I'll pay close attention to the first ten pages, so that your story hooks those overworked executives and keeps them interested. And when I make specific recommendations, I'll tell you WHY I believe they will work. As your screenplay editor, I become your ally -- questioning, suggesting, encouraging and ultimately inspiring you to do your best work.

Price: $130 for screenplays up to 120 pages; $80 for television scripts up to 65 pages.



screenplay notes

Writing a Selling Synopsis

I admit it; learning how to write a synopsis of one's novel or screenplay is a huge pain. It can feel like thankless drudgery that's "not really writing." But there may come a time when a publishing professional asks "what's your book about?" You'll want to be ready with a crisp, vivid outline that captures the artistic and commercial essence of your project.

I have years of experience writing outlines, synopses, treatments and even spoken pitches targeted at today's overloaded agents, publishers and film executives.

I can craft a 2-3 page "teaser" that hits on your theme, story arc and main characters. It's an attention grabber designed to entice agents and executives to ask for more.

Or I can create a 10 page synopsis that drives the reader through the complete narrative of your story, with special attention paid to structure, character development and your most memorable scenes.


Novel Synopsis: $300
Novel Teaser: $150

Synopsis or Teaser

Screenplay Synopsis: $175 for 10 pages
Screenplay Teaser: $125 for 2-3 pages

Screenplay synopsis or teaser


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