Often referred to as developmental editing, this service digs deep into your manuscript, addressing the big picture aspects of creative writing that must flow smoothly and dramatically for your novel to reach its full potential. Read More... Is there a particular aspect of your novel you would like to improve? Do you have any character development questions? Concerned about plot, pacing or dialogue? Have early readers of your work said any of the following? Read More... Often literary agents or publishers will ask to see a proposal. Usually, this consists of sample chapters that showcase your writing skills and style, plus an outline that proves you can deliver a compelling story over the run of a novel. Read More...

Encouragement for Novelists and Screenwriters

The act of creation is a primal thrill. It excites us, it emboldens us, it fulfills us.

It can also frustrate us, even terrify us.

We begin a novel or a screenplay in a solo flare of inspiration and energy. But often, as we work to interweave plot, story structure, character, voice and dialogue, we feel overwhelmed. We develop doubts, we second guess ourselves. We may question the validity of our creative vision.

We show our manuscript to friends who respond with well-intentioned but contradictory advice and opinions. If we have an agent or producer interested in our project, we slip them a copy, only to be rewarded with the five words every writer dreads: "It's just not there yet."

That's when we writers need to go against our lone wolf instincts, and reach out for professional help.

As a published novelist, produced screenwriter and experienced content editor, I can help you achieve your goals, whether you're writing a screenplay or a novel. I offer a variety of novel and script editing services that can assist you wherever you are in the writing process.

Are you just beginning your project? Having trouble with character development? I can help you create multi-dimensional characters and devise an effective story structure. Are you mired in the familiar mid-narrative sag? I'll help you find the dramatic tools to write your way out. Do you have a complete draft that could benefit from an impartial, professional critique? I'll give you a comprehensive analysis that offers specific suggestions on how to advance your project to the creative promised land – the final draft!

Are you having trouble putting together the elements of a mystery or thriller? I've written extensively in both genres and can help you sort out the clues and maximize the thrills.

As writers, we inhabit worlds of our own creation. We like it there. We're comfortable, secure. But sooner or later we need to share our work with the marketplace. An experienced, encouraging editor will help make the final leg of the writer's journey inspiring and successful.


The Writer's Phone Conference

• As a supplement to a written critique, I offer telephone or Skype brainstorming sessions.

• These one on one creative meetings mirror the give and take collaboration that takes place in the writers room of a television series, where everything is on the table and fresh viewpoints are encouraged.

• Many of my clients use the occasional phone conference to hash out multiple ideas in a short span of time or to work through a specific story problem.

• Editing by phone can be a fun yet productive break from writing and revising.


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